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Can You See, What I See?! We Use Infrared Technology

Infrared Hvac scan

Over time, home inspection tools have come a long way, making inspectors' jobs easier and more efficient. From moisture meters to AFCI/GFCI testers, CO analyzers, PPE, and a range of other innovations, these tools have significantly reduced the time required to complete inspections. Some have made the job safer, while others have sped up the process and even allowed inspectors to offer new services with their reports. Among these advancements, infrared thermography (IRT) stands out as a game-changer in which every inspector should be trained.

Infrared thermography, or IRT, involves capturing and analyzing thermal information using specialized tools that do not require direct contact. By detecting infrared radiation emitted from objects with temperatures above absolute zero, these devices enable inspectors to see what the naked eye cannot. The magic lies in the fact that infrared wavelengths exist outside the visible spectrum, necessitating unique equipment to capture and process this valuable data.

Infrared Hot Water Scan

Imagine using a thermal imaging camera that can reveal heat signatures in a visually captivating gradient scale. Brighter colors indicate hotter areas, while darker shades represent cooler regions. Unlike regular visible light, which bounces off objects to create an image, infrared directly emanates from the source itself. This extraordinary capability gives IR cameras an edge over traditional ones, offering insights and information that were previously impossible to access.

The allure of infrared technology lies not only in its functional benefits but also in the potential it holds for revolutionizing the inspection industry. It's no wonder that it has become a leading service that every inspector should embrace. By harnessing the power of IRT, inspectors can elevate their profession, providing enhanced safety, speed, and comprehensive reporting to their clients.

Home inspections have forever changed, thanks to these remarkable advancements. Infrared thermography has opened up a new frontier, empowering inspectors with cutting-edge tools to uncover hidden truths behind walls and structures. From safety enhancements to faster turnaround times and expanded services, IRT has the potential to transform the way inspections are conducted.

Exterior House Infrared Scan

The general advantages of Infrared Technology are the following:

Check out this mind-blowing Infrared Technology (IRT) – it's like magic! With IRT, there's no need for devices to touch hot stuff, making work super safe and chill.

  • It captures thermal images that are like cool puzzles, allowing us to compare them with regular pictures we take every day.

  • IRT is lightning fast! It works in real-time, scanning images faster than a superhero's speed. It's like watching a movie in ultra HD!

  • It's safe and effective, like a superhero shield, protecting us from any harm.

  • It doesn't bother or upset anything it examines. It's like a friendly ghost, just observing and leaving everything untouched.

Thermal Imaging Camera: is a special type of camera that creates a picture of an area using heat instead of regular light. It shows heat leaks more clearly than spot radiometers and thermal line scanners.

Infrared Scan for differential temp

How we use Infrared Cameras during a Home Inspection:

  • We check if the insulation is not enough or not working properly.

  • We find out if there are any openings or unusual heat escaping from the building. We use a moisture meter to check for any water getting into the insulation or other systems.

  • We check if the electrical systems are overloaded or getting too hot.

  • We look for any leaks or issues with the roof.

  • We find and identify problems with the HVAC system.

In Conclusion

Understanding that just like any other inspection, infrared technology has its limits is essential. We don't solely depend on IRT; instead, we make use of all our tools and knowledge to get the best results. When used correctly, IRT can uncover issues that other non-infrared methods might miss. Though the science and data may seem overwhelming, we have been properly trained in IRT, this has allowed us to enhance our knowledge of home inspections and improved our services and reports.

All of our full Residential Inspections include a FREE infrared scan!

Always look for the Infrared Certified logo below when seeking inspectors

Infrared Certified Seal

Infrared Seal

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