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Moisture Reeks Havoc

Photo of a masonry wall with moisture

Home inspectors will conduct thorough examinations to identify any indications of moisture-related issues. If mildew and mold are visibly present on exterior cladding or if the interior walls show signs of dampness, it suggests a potential occurrence of condensation within the walls.

Moisture-related issues commonly arise during cold weather, characterized by low outside temperatures and vapor pressures, coupled with multiple internal sources of water vapor within the building.

Moisture Caused From Normal Home Activities

Illustration of a home show moisture causing components
Moisture Production

Moisture can arise due to an inadequately installed or malfunctioning vapor barrier, or in some cases, the absence of a vapor barrier altogether. If condensation is suspected, it is crucial to conduct a thorough examination of the specific wall section in question. Such an inspection will furnish the essential details required to undertake the necessary repairs.

Photo of infrared scan of a/c supply vent

When performing an in depth moisture intrusion inspection, it is best practice that the inspector is trained and certified in thermal imaging, and use an infrared camera in addition to a moisture meter to assess the areas of concern.

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