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The Complex Inspection of Exterior Doors

Photo of a door

Monitoring and maintaining windows and doors is crucial as they represent the most intricate components of a home's exterior. It is essential for home inspectors to thoroughly examine each exterior door as part of their inspection process.

During the inspection shown in the image, the focus is on examining the tread and step of the front exterior door. It is crucial to assess the hardware of exterior doors for their overall condition, functionality, and operation. These doors come in various types such as hinged, single, and double doors made of wood, steel, aluminum, and plastic, with or without glazing. It is important to inspect wood and plastic doors that lack protection from the weather. Such doors should be specifically designed for exterior use.

In warmer climates, jalousie doors may also be encountered. It is essential to ensure that the louvers of these doors close tightly to provide weather resistance. Additionally, certain buildings may incorporate glass-framed doors comprising fixed and operable panels with frames made of wood, vinyl-covered wood, or aluminum. When inspecting sliding doors, pay close attention to the tracks, checking for any dents, breaks, or deviations from straightness.

It is important to inspect the frames and sills of exterior doors to ensure their overall condition. Doors exposed to the elements should be examined for the necessary flashing at the top of the door. As time passes, the external condition and hardware of exterior doors may deteriorate or malfunction. In areas prone to hurricanes, it is advisable to equip exterior doors, particularly double doors, with dead-bolt locks having a throw length of at least 1 inch.

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